Paypal - unable to process your bank account registration ?

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Hi to all


Im having 2 issues and I would really appreciate any help and thanks in advance...



1) My old payoneer mastercard expered 01. 10. 2013 so 2 days ago , I got new few days ago and activated it today.


In my account I still se old credit cards and founds are still on it while the new one is empty. Im wondering why the expired one

is still active and how to transfer founds on the new MasterCard that was  activated today ?





2)  I got US payement service approved a month or so ago, and today I followed Instructions on adding new bank account to my

     existing paypal account that is verified.

     As instructed in video tutorial on this forum I went to add new bank account on paypal, added Bank Routing Number and Account Number and I get:


"We were unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date"


Could it be because my new credit card has no founds ?




Im in Croatia , originally opened paypal with my Croatian bank acount and Visa Electron but I always had major problems withdrawing on that so I always used moneybookers.


As I got  my work selling on few sites not using moneybookers for payment    I would really like to use paypal connected with  US payment service and payoneer card sometimes so any help is really appreciated. 






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    1. Funds should automatically be transferred from your old card to your new one once you activate it. If this hasn't happened, please contact customer support and they will complete this manually:


    2. You must have funds on your card in order to link the US Payment Service to PayPal, since PayPal charge a small verification fee and then return it. Once customer support helps you with transferring everything to the new card you should have no problem linking between Payoneer and PayPal.


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