purchase the dealer did not get money — Payoneer Community purchase the dealer did not get money

I ordered on one product and for a couple of days waiting to send a package so I contacted the seller and the seller told me that he did not get the money but I can see on your account that I tore the money for the purchase. Sales tells me to contact your bank and therefore Payoneer there to deal with.

Therefore I turned to live chat and there one did not help me I was going to address the problem and Mr. live chat is disconnected from the road so I did not help. I do not understand how anyone can do to support such a thing.

Businessman has no money and tells me to contact their banks and to stimulate I wanted to deal with and instead to be addressed so that there gentleman who was on live chat is disconnected from the chat and ignore the problem.

Now I do not have no money or goods.

This was my first purchase with the card and now I also regret Payoneer card is not normal card is a card through which you can not buy because it does not work.

Now that I turned to the police and the court, and I would have to sue the Payoneer and traders.
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