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  • pvgtbinoy

    Add bank account not shown. I am from india

    April 27
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    April 15
  • Nigel

    Hello Adam,
    The bank code I got from my Jamaican bank is 'FCIBJMKN.' When I tried to add it to payoneer (signing up) it wont get accepted as letters. Can you look at my bank code above and tell me what it should be as 'numbers? I tried changing the code to numbers but (as numbers) it exceeds the 8 digit requirement. Help

    April 8
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Hi Nigel,

      I can't assist you through the forums which is why I recommend you contact support directly to see why you are having trouble adding your details.

      I think that you might be accidentally adding the bank code in the area where you are being requested for your account number, but that's just me speculating.
  • amgad

    Hello Mr.adam

    I accidentally added an upwork funding source to the wrong payoneer account, (an account that I did not receive the card for it.)

    I have tried to contact support by phone and email but no one answers!

    I want to cancel this account and remove uppwork from the funding source.

    Thanks in advance

    March 28
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Sorry for the late reply.

      If you own both Payoneer accounts, contact Payoneer and ask them to transfer the funding source from one account to another.
      Payoneer will remove the funding sources for very few reasons, which is why I recommend the step above as Payoneer will be more inclined to assist you in accessing your pay through one account rather than let you keep two accounts active.
  • MahmoudYousef
    i need some help my account application declined how to fix this and can i receive over seas bank transfer from my company or not ?
    March 24
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Hello Moahmoud, if your application was declined you can contact Payoneer support directly so they can take a second look at your account.

      You can receive payments from companies that are based in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom through collection bank account details that Payoneer provides. Make sure to provide your payout company the details which are local to them, as international wires cannot be captured by the details Payoneer will provide to you.

      If the company offers a direct payout solution through Payoneer, you can connect them to your Payoneer account through your paying company online account.