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اليوم لما فتحت بريدي الالكتروني و جدت هي الرسالة ماذا تعني ممكن مساعدة اخواني ؟؟؟

TAOUCH1999 Member مشاركات : 26 ✭✭
تم تعديل 2016/01/03 في دعم المجتمع العربي
Your Payoneer card is intended to be used as a payout solution, to get paid from any of our official mass payout companies. Your Payoneer account should not be used for the sole purpose of credit card loads. To avoid any confusion, we have disabled the option on the website for each account that is not yet active in receiving payments from the above mentioned methods. We do apologize for any confusion caused by the change. Your account activity has not yet met the requirements for availability of the Credit Card Loading Service. You can continue to use your account to receive payments from any of our official mass payout companies, and once you become more active you will be eligible for the Credit Card Loading Service. *The exact fees depend on Payoneer's agreement with the mass payout service in question, and on card usage. You can view the full list of the fees associated with your card by clicking the "Pricing & Fees" link, located under the "Help" menu, on your "Payoneer Account".

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رغم ان حسابي نشيط مرات استلم دفعات يومية و مرات اسبوعية و اكثر من 10 دولار