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  • rina_r
    Hi Hannah,

    Is it possible to know the criteria in order to be eligible to order a Digital Purchasing Mastercard? I would like to get one as facebook declines my actual card to pay ads. Please note that my actual USD card is expiring in june and I would like to replace it by the new Digital Purchasing card if possible.


  • Mohammed_Samir
    Hi Hannah,

    Would really appreciate your support in finding out why my ID is still in the review state, its been like 3 months in the same state and I will need this verification to withdraw money to the bank.

    I have submitted several tickets to the support but all of them are resolved automatically without actually being resolved.

    Ticket Number:
  • FoxtrotDelta04
    Hello there, im hoping to get a response from Payoneer staff here. I know people are busy and automated responses to my emails are not helping. So i recieved an email claiming i failed to provide requested documents as per requirements of the ireland mastercard , hence Payoneer has blocked all my cards and my account is also at risk for heing limited or blocked. When i tried to join ltove chat the option didn't appear on the menu and when i called the help center numbers the automated response was that since i have not recieved money in past 6 months they are unable to do phone call service :( well i call in money from my paying company every 6 to 8 months. I have money saved up in my payout balance website patreon. But I don't want to withdraw it to payoneer as its a big amount and what if payoneer blocks my account. Like they did with my cards.

    The verification center and pending tasks don't show any document requirements Customer ID: 20506904
  • Ace_of_DiscaL
    Dear Hannah,

    I am Customer ID: 37211549 from Bahrain and would like to claim my US royalty payments against my music production.

    Could you please help me?

    I was sent your way via BMI (my artist rights company) to open an account with you, and I am ready to show any & all proof of identification and pay any & all fees involved.

    Thank you & I'm awaiting your positive response,

    - Adel
  • yilmaz
    Hello, I changed my phone number, I can't log into my account, can you help me?
  • AivarasKarvel
    Hello, Hannah
    Can you help me to solve this? My account "Under review" date submitted 25 Nov 2021 and still no response from payoneer staff. Live chat does not work, all email responses mail is automatic
    customer id: 48219586
    maybe there is some trouble and the staff can't see my registration?
  • naseemhanfi
    Hi Hannah,
    The transaction of USD 62 from TrueLancer (MyRemoteTeam) was completed on 31-12-21, now it's 08-01-22 but the amount has not been transferred to my linked Meezan bank account.
    Need help.
  • alydiest
    Hi Hannah! I am from the philippines and I'm trying to withdraw $97 to my local bank. but I'm getting an error Amount available for withdrawal is less than allowed minimum
    How do I fix this?

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