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  • laarousy
    hi please i want to withdrawal my money on paypal to my payoneer bank account
    but paypal doesn't accept my account
    so i want to get a federal bank "community federal saving bank"
    to withdrawal all my money on paypal to my payoneer acount.

    i send mail to support but no answer

    my ticket number 190625-009763
  • starlightnathan
    Hi I am an first time user at payoneer. I did not know payments from India are set up r automatic withdrawal. I wanted to test the account before withdraw entire amount. This was on sat morning. And the account it went to is a US account. Can I cancel on monday morning first thing...please help!
  • fares92i

    What we have to do to have payoneer prepaid card

  • Helallatef

    Why does not my account be approved for more than one time? Customer ID: 32178732

  • mirnal
    Buenas tardes soy nueva en payoneer, y necesito asesoría debido que me hicieron una trasferencia de usuario payoneeer a usuario payoneer por un monto de 70$ y me llego un correo que mi pago fue rechazado. No entiendo por qué? jamas he recibido un pago este el primero.
    Hello Dear,

    I work online as a freelancer from the Gambia. I transferred my money from Upwork to my Payoneer account and I wanted to send it to my local bank account but my bank said they don't have direct transfer service to the Gambia, that they have a corresponding bank in the US... They gave me the details of the corresponding account with too many other details including two SWIFTT CODE. Am confused and I don't know how to set my personal account details correct and get the money in my local bank account?

    Please help me to be able to fill in the right bank details so that I will get the money in my account. I already have the money in my Payoneer account but I couldn't send it to my bank because of the many different details they gave me including two SWIFT CODES of other banks/
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  • Muhe39

    My accaunt was not approved since 2 weeks.Why?

  • zazi

    The prepaid card request page does not work What is the solution?

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  • anitasagita

    Hi payoneer. Why is my referal withdraw limit is $300 while i only has withdraw limit $50? Ive been using payoneer almost for a year and i have no problem all this time, and it shocked me when my referal said she couldnt make a withdraw because the withdraw limit is nonsense...$300, really? We live in the same country and has the same funding source (Clixsense). If theres a way to lower the limit we will be really appreciate this. If theres no way to lower the limit, shes hoping to close the account and withdraw the rest of her money. Thank you.

  • oussama1994
  • Estherafolabi

    Hello payonner,
    I withdraw into my local bank and still showing PENDING and have not received a confirmation email.The transaction ID 126264919


  • EvaBenavidez87
    Hola hace una semana que han cortado el flujo a mi tarjeta y que he hecho un retiro a mi cuenta bancaria y el dinero no es depositado. Mi cuenta aparece como aprobada. Por favor necesito ayuda urgente cuento con el dinero para un tratamiento médico.
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  • asasmaz

    Hi why deleted my topics


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