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Hi folks. If you have a question or concern please make sure you send me a private message, instead of posting here on my wall. It will allow me to respond to your question quickly. Thank you!


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  • Sun300
    Why was my Pioneer account not approved 3 days ago? What are the reasons?
    February 20
  • Sun300
    Why was my Pioneer account not approved 3 days ago? What are the reasons?
    February 20
  • AhmadSaeed
    February 20
  • sadux

    I notice that funds have not loaded to my card. I received money today from Global Payment Service and everything was fine but balance on my master prepaid card still same.. can you check it please? My customer id is: 32107611

    Thank you!

    February 17
  • berky
    Hello KazPayoneer,

    can you please help me? I just need to know whether my payoneer account is already approved and activated or not?

    If you could check it and answer me, i would be very grateful.

    Customers wait for my bank informations and i want to share it as soon as possible. My Customer ID: 36242587

    Best regards
    February 14
  • RaeesAhmed
    I didn't receive payoneer card yet since last 2 years ago. My account was created but card didn't receive. Please guide me about this problem.
    February 10
  • Ashraya657

    My payment is in pending only i bought 25$ playcard from amazon but it was not sent to my gmail due to payment pending in payooner .it is already 14hrs that payment is pending .i have submitted all required forms and document but there is no response from payooner please help 25$ has already been reduced from my a/c but is still in pending please help

    February 7
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    Thanks for sticking with us for a full year.
    February 5
  • umer5256

    Hello @KazPayoneer,
    I connected my payoneer with my fiverr and withdraw the amount from fiverr. Its been almost 12 hours the payment is still pending and being shown in the upcoming transactions. Please let me know when it will be available to withdraw to my bank account?
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    February 5
    • umer5256
      My transaction id is 176956923
  • DanishT

    I am Danish and i am also from Pakistan. we were in same discussion "Wrong Remittance Information Mentioned".

    Brother, i want to know where to add bank swift code so that i can transfer the money to my company bank account in Pakistan?

    Also, i want to clear that i dont need local bank transfer, as i am tax payer and i cannot justify that for what purpose i have receive the money. International bank transfer (SWIFT), International wire transfer, T.T is best best option.

    February 4
  • emma5

    I forgot to add. My customer id is 23233403

    February 3
  • emma5

    Hello. I am a freelancer and work through people per hour. I applied for a withdrawal from people per hour. Com for weeks and I was told that my payooner account is inactive. Please can my account be reactivated?

    February 3
  • kboentkuri2


    February 1
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    January 28
  • enasismael2020


    I have created my account since 17th January 2020, but still, my account is not approved. I have submitted all the information you requested, but still, my account is not approved.

    I have been checking my emails even spam folder but I received no emails from you about my account.

    Please help.

    Customer ID: 35866530

    January 25
  • Gauhar

    Hello again! I checked my account there were requirements regarding to verification. I passed verification yesterday. But my account still waiting approval in Incruises site. My client number is 19183991. Pls approve my account as soon as possible. Did you know that Payoneer cooperates with Incruises? We partners of Incruises withdraw money via Payoneer.

    January 22
  • Elenap

    Why is my money in payoneer in pending mode for a week now?

    January 14
  • punya

    Sir, I lost my original documents of my citizenship and in the mean time I got my payment pending in payoneer. It's my new account and it very often asks for national id card. I tried with the Xerox copy of it but it is rejected every time!! Need your suggestions!

    January 8

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