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  • sultanjemal142

    How can I get a Pioneer debit card if I want to receive it

  • ndiebere


    I signed up for my Payoneer account some years back (between 2012-2013) but haven't had the need to use it until recently. I noticed that my USD, GBP and EUR balances are not showing on my dashboard. I read a post in this community talking about my account possibly being under review or may have violated a policy. I have never received any payment with my account before and now want to start using it, hence, I'm sure i haven't violated any policy. The only thing I have done on my account in recent times is to reset my password when I couldn't remember the previous one I used when I created my account.

    Prior to seeing the community post on this issue, I had already sent out my Payoneer payment detail for receipt of payout for tasks I have been doing online from July 2020 up until March 2021. I also noticed I cannot add my local bank account to enable me withdraw my funds when it gets to my account or apply for a new Payoneer card.

    Please, kindly advise, what do I need to do to have account re-enabled to let me receive both my expected incoming payout which should hit my Payoneer account from April 18, 2021 and also other future payouts?

    I have worked so hard to earn this money and it would break my heart if my funds disappear into thin air.

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Kind regards,
    Nnamdi Ebere.

  • AHMED_1

    please, I have been waiting on pins and needles. It has been a week since Payoneer sent me an email letting me know that my application will be reviewed within 3 days. I also sent the required document five days ago and they are already approved. When will my application be approved?? I look forward to hearing from you ASAP. My E-mail address is ; [email protected]
    my Customer ID : 43235933

  • kashan1986
    Hello please let me know how to pay to another Payoneer account from mine ??