• اخي شريف لقد فتحت حساب جديد قبل يومين ولاكن عندما اذهب الى قائمة استلام لا يوجد خذمة الدفع العالميه! ما هوا السبب؟؟؟؟ الرجاء المساعده رقم العميل:39612676
  • > @newar said: > Dear jawafa699 i had created before 7 day's so when will come 3- 5 working day Ok but i have a question! When i sign up in payoneer i added Alpha'M'in my first name. My name is Mohamed but when i register i have wrote Mohammed! Can i edit my name???
  • All bank's will take 24 hours to approve the account. Why payoneer takes 3-5 days? I have send my passport picture and i am waiting for days. Please help......,,, Customer No:39612676