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  • > @Will_Payoneer said: > Hi there, > > The questionnaire is for verification of one's account. I recommend that you complete the questionnaire at your earliest convenience. I Submitted the questionnaire on Nov 5, 2018 yet not received anything so far, i checked with my friends and all of them received their money today, i…
    في Funding resources Amazon تعليق بواسطة waleedh 2018/11/29
  • > @EdwinPayoneer said: > For this you may need to contact our customer support team directly @waleedh. Before doing this please contact Amazon and seek out any information you can from them in regards to this. Particularly what the exact error message they are receiving is when trying to transfer the funds to the Payoneer…
    في Funding resources Amazon تعليق بواسطة waleedh 2018/11/22
  • > @EdwinPayoneer said: > @waleedh said: > what causes funding resource Amazon (Global payment) not giving any information when i click on it, it just keep loading ... > > it was working before and i could received a payments but then the monthly payments stopped. > > i contacted support by chat but no one fix the problem…
    في Funding resources Amazon تعليق بواسطة waleedh 2018/11/14
  • please tell me how can i re link it, i tried to add new bank account on amazon banking option with the same bank info in my payoneer and deleted the old one but this not fix the problem. Amazon sent success test transaction on May, first payment was on July which it canceled due documentation requested by payoneer,…
    في Funding resources Amazon تعليق بواسطة waleedh 2018/11/14
  • السيد شريف تواصلت مع الدعم من خلال الدردشة الحية ولم استفد شيء, نفس الجواب انه لايوجد عندي مشكلة, ولم يتواصل معي القسم المختص لحتى هذه اللحظة, ممكن تبعتلي Ref. number وهل عندك اي اقتراح؟
  • شكرا للرد, نعم تم تحويل الطلب الى القسم المختص عن طريق الدردشة الحية ولايوجد رد حتى الان ولايوجد عندي رقم لتتبع المشكلة

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