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  • AtifAyaz
    hello there you told me to send you a private msg
  • Lily_Mwangi

    Hi, so if I opt for expedited shipping, how do I pay for it? I want the approval for shipping done right away

  • A7MD1994
    I've sent an email regarding how I want to change my USD bank type to Community Federal bank because Paypal doesn't allow me to send money to that balance otherwise.

    I have sent 2 emails to customer services but there any reply - how I can change to Community Federal bank

    my account in Paypal has been verified, so only I need is a bank account in Community Federal bank
  • ankitkr

    ny customer id is 34315485
    i want to change my all details
    bank account
    pan card
    how can i change
    plz plz help me

  • ismailch
    1) Your Customer ID: 27100798
    Reference Number: 191028-016028

    2) I confirm, i have a card attached to my paypal account

    Thanks in advance
  • mounikadasari
    Dear team, Please why are you not replying to my friend her email ID is [email protected]
  • AbdouAmed
    Hello @morga
    Please help me, I really need to link my payoneer bank account to PayPal. I learnt that if you contact payoneer for community federal savings account and you want it for PayPal, now I need change the account from First Century Bank to bank federal savings bank
    Thank you!!

    Customer ID: 24293017
    Reference #191031-016287
  • lloydpherkinz

    Hello please can you help be in getting assigned to the community federal savings Bank ,us account it really important I hope to hear from you soon

  • 0900abxA
    I am having issue in approving my bank account due to id card.I have submitted my id card third time and it is rejected again and again. i have send them cleared color photo of my id card which i have taken from mobile.
    kindly resolve my problem i am facing this issue more than a month .i am really very disappointed.
  • Inteprit
    Hi Morga,
    I need some assistance in clearing a pending transaction. Are you able to assist in this regard? Please advise.

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  • lloydpherkinz

    How can you help me in getting my new virtual us account

  • norezbaloch
    Hello Payoneer,
    Have uploaded my government issued identity card i dont know if my account is being approved and ready to use.

    My New Payoneer Account Details:
    Customer ID: 34427190
    Hope to hear from you soon
  • jowoodly

    i can't find payonner global service on my account. please help

  • Zaslam1129

    Hi can you please help me with my pending transaction

  • Wright
    @morga Just getting curious since I have not heard from you since last week. How soon may I hope to be able to get a feedback on the necessary bank details to link my account with Amazon?
  • Wright
    I am so grateful for the assistance @morga. I got the link from my old account of 2015 supposed to allow me link my accounts but it still ends under Card Details only where it says the Payoneer Master Card is pending approval. The tab on Bank Accounts shows I have not added any banks and to Contact Us. I wish there was a way I could send you the screen shots, you might be able to help me see how to get the USD Payoneer Account and link it to my Amazon Account. Thank you so much once again.
  • VLJ19
    hi, please check my message.. ASAP... thanks!
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    You’re practically family.
  • meno2020

    Hi not answering our massage

  • rooftopmostar
    Good afternoon. I would ask you for a help. I made a payment to the recipient's mail. I received a message that the payment was made, but he told me that he had not received the payment and that the payment is listed as non-current payments. I don't know what is the problem and what should i do. Please help me and give me some instructions. Thank you.
  • meno2020

    Hello..I have asked you in private for my question regarding reciving payment from Arab or any other unlisted country in payoneer web site ..and also withdrawal limit is 10k$ can be more or no

  • harishtiwari

    My payment shows pending , I was asked to provide additional information and it still is showing pending, I understand Saturday's and Sundays is non working day however I would request you to please complete the payment review faster as I need the money, I am an new business and need to make payments to vendors which is stuck in this case. My cust I'd is 33730154

    I have a problem i dont understand why you people are treating me this way,
    My account ID 22830372 and the transaction ID are 151478818 and 151118669

    I have been contacted customer care since the 26th of september and both myself and my client has sent all the documents needed. I contacted customer care maybe 10 times now and always get the answer that we will get back to you in 24hours, and still nothing.

    I am very frustrated with your service, please can you help?
  • stalinkay

    Why don't I have a global payment link?
  • jootee
    I was asked to submit another screenshot which i have done. please Kindly approve my money.

    Customer ID 28530287
    Transaction ID. 150594960
  • jootee
    My payment has been pending since yesterday...I also submitted my required document & it has been approved but my money is still pending. because of this i even contacted support and was told between 2 - 3 business days. please Kindly approve my money. It is really important to have money.

    Customer ID 28530287
    Transaction ID. 150594960
  • Laurierabary
    Bonsoir , mon ID client est le 33596752. Mon compte est toujours en attente d'approbation depuis 2 semaines , j'ai déjà fournis les informations supplémentaires que vous m'avez demandés et je ne sais pas si je dois encore attendre combien de temps pour cette approbation, j'ai tellement besoin de ce compte payoneer pour mon travail, merci
  • salmasultana
    I applied for the Payoneer Card on17 Jul 2019. But till now it has not been reviewed. Please help me it's emergency matter.

    Customer ID 32610881

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