New Here, What Should I Do? I'm Gettin Bad Withdrawel Fees

I'm in the U.S. and work online averaging $100+ a day. My problem is that everytime I use my card or withdrawl cash at an ATM, I'm getting a 1.8% fee because apparently the ''issuing bank'' is not located in the U.S. It costs $6.35 per transaction to get money at an ATM, and that's with ATMs that do not charge a fee. That adds up quick.

I first signed up with Payoneer a few years ago but haven't really used it much until a couple weeks ago. The first time I signed up I didn't really see any huge fees for buying or withdrawing being in the U.S. but now it seems pretty bad

Could I get some advice as to what I should do? I only have 2 other options for cashing out.. 1. Paxum (which I think is located in Canada so I would still have a fee?) and 2. Check by mail (which could be a week to 14 days to receive it + time for it to clear the bank when I deposit it to my local bank?)

I figured it would be cheaper to just use my Payoneer card and buy moneypaks for paypal and go that route, but I tried that and you can't buy those with a debit/credit card it seems.

Any suggestions?
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