Having troubles to pass the verification process.

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  I'm having some troubles to get verified by the US Payment Service Department.


The first time I went through the process, I followed the links and filled the questionnaire and sent my national ID's.


I'm a software engineer and I do freelance work for people around the world, and also here in Argentina.


Then a client of mine accredited some money to my Paypal account and I made a transference from my Paypal account to the bank associated with my US payment service account.


The money then got "stuck" between Paypal and UPS, because I wasn't verified yet.


Then UPS asked me some details about the transaction of Paypal to my UPS account, and a couple of print screens of my Paypal profile and transference details.


Then they transferred the money as one time only exception to my UPS account. But my account is still not verified.


Now they ask me for invoices of my work.


So, what is this verification process exactly?, if they want to verify who I am and what I do, it's already clear. I can provide you with invoices of Small Taxpayer's Simplified Scheme, is that good enough for you?.


I really need to get this through, any help is appreciated.





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    Our US Payment Service simply needs to verify your line of business, and make sure that it meets with our Terms and Conditions. This is a one-time process, and once verified you will be able to receive future payments automatically.


    Any questions should be directed to our US Payment Service Department, via e-mail, and they will assist you further.