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A transaction made yesterday is not appearing in my transactions list. I checked yesterday and saw it was under PENDING AUTHORIZATIONS, but today I can't find it.  Payment has been deducted from my card balance already. What should I do? 


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    If it was in pending authorizations and no longer shows up, it could mean either of two things:


    1) The merchant did not process the charge yet, and so it hasn't shown up (but the pre-authorization expired)

    2) The online transaction list has not yet updated, which should happen within 6 hours (or up to 24 hours at a maximum). If it does not update by then, please contact our customer support department.

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    Thank you, Nissim! It now shows as SETTLED when viewed via app. And under transactions list when viewed via web browser. I didn't know the pre-authorization thing expires.
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    Happy to help :)


    Yes, a pre-authorization is a temporary hold on funds that is placed to make sure your account has sufficient funds to complete the transaction. It expires once the merchant completes the transaction.


    In most cases it happens in a matter of seconds, so you don't see it, but some merchants take time to fully process a transaction (in which case you will see it).

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