I'm hoping it won't come to this, but just in case...

Let me start by stating that I do appreciate Payoneer because I know for a fact that it makes life easier for those of us who work with US companies from their home country.  

With that being said, I've been anxious about my first USPS bank/card transfer. I work with Amazon, and last week they sent me Remittance Advice saying that my payments will be issued 09/26 and 9/27. I know it's a weekend, so I still have to wait for 4 business days for the money to get through. My question is:

Does Payoneer USPS have a processing on its own? I mean will I have to wait for extra days to get my money? Because if so, then I need to know in advance, as I just booked a flight for Monday, October 7th and I will need the money to be on my card. 

Even though Amazon sent me the Remittance, Payoneer hasn't sent me anything yet, which is freaking me out in a matter of saying.

Also, how about this ID confirmation? I've sent everything with my USPS application and questionnaire, I really need to know if this will happen to me as it did to a friend of mine who had to defer school for 2 weeks because the money couldn't get through with Payoneer and you needed to confirm his ID? If so, I'd like to resend everything in advance.

Can you please take the time to answer my questions?


One more thing, can you verify that the following account information are related to my mastercard? 

BANK NAME: First Century Bank


ACCOUNT #: 4012550708564

ABA # (Bank Routing Number): 061120084




I'm still unsure that this information is accurate since I got the mail as spam.


To finish this post, here are the payment ID referenced by Amazon Payable:


ID Amazon US: 8069791

ID Amazon UK: 7972774

ID Amazon FR: 7966703

ID Amazon DE: 7979494

ID Amazon Canada: 7996972


Thank you for your time and attention. I really hope you get back to me with positive feedback and news. Moreover, I really hope everything goes smoothly without any delays.



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    As soon as the payment arrives to Payoneer, it will appear on your account. It will need to be reviewed by our US Payment Service Department, which in most cases is done within a few minutes (automatically). In some cases a manual review can be required, which generally takes up to 1 business day.


    When Amazon sends payments, they send it via US bank transfer. This generally takes 1-3 business days to arrive to the destination bank, in this case being Payoneer.


    If there are any issues please send me a PM and I'll be happy to help.

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