Question about fees.

I live in Australia and just would like to know what the fees would be if i got money from a ATM?


I'm currently reading your site at the moment and it says there is a fee of $3.15 for ATM withdrawl then a 3% charge on top of it if your withdrawing in a currency other than USD.


So for example does that mean if i had $100 in my account and i wanted to take out $100 i would lose about $6.15 if this is the case does this mean i will need to have $107 in my account before i can get out $100?


I have looked around it also has said that you have a activation fee when you get the card of $10ish but then i check your pricing and fees on the site it says $29.95 for the whole year. Has your fees changed since then or do i have to pay the activation fee on top of the $29.95 for the year?



Thank you.


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    Hi Meredith,


    Our pricing and fees vary according to card, partner program and such. When withdrawing money from an ATM there is indeed a transaction fee and we also notify that there may be another charge of up to 3% of the transaction - this depends on the ATM, bank etc.

    Once you apply for a card and are approved, you can access a full list of fees in your "My Account".


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