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I have signed up for Payoneer card a one or two months ago. My brother also use Payoneer card for almost two year. I have heard from people about Payoneer's unprofessional customer support agents but never believed it until I talked with one today, named Lucy.


The attitude, agents will to let the customer feel privilaged, professional conduct towards the problem, high-quality resolution skills and a cheerful yet determined commitment top provide a customer someway in which thier problem should be resolved, were all lacking in Payoneer customer live support representatives. I wondor how can even such company like Payoneer could hire such ill-mannered and worthless agents that are noticeably refuting comapnies image and reputation?


Lastly, I do not want to dictate, but Payoneer should and must have a good sutomer support in order to fecilate thier customers worldwide, or soon the whole party will change the boats with other comapnies who are willing great customer service and they do. I am very dissapointed with the behaviour I have faced at Payoneer live chat agent Lucy. I hope Payoneer will do something about their customer service as many of my own collegues and relatives use Payoneer card and are not happy themselves with customer support agents. Thank you!



Shazia Ahmed


  • RomiRomi Community Manager Posts: 2,706Member ✭✭✭

    Hi Shazia,

    I'm very sorry to hear that this is the experience you had with our customer support.

    Could you please PM me with more details as to what happened and your email?

    I want to look into this for you.


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  • ShaziawriterShaziawriter Posts: 5Member

    Dear Romi!


    I hope you are doing fine. Well, I would like to personally get in touch with you on this issue since it has bothored my expectations from Payoneer. However, as I am new here, can you kindly let me know how can I pm you here in the forum chat? Thank you!


    Kind Regards:

    Shazia Ahmed

  • justzamirjustzamir Posts: 19Member ✭✭

    As for payoneer support its superb, even way better then Paypal and other payment processors. Some times we come with unusualy question/quries, and Customer Support Representatives are unable to give us answer. I am too using Payoneer from 2 years and never faced any type of such issue.



  • MyWayMyWay Posts: 123Member ✭✭
    edited October 2013
    Agree justzamir
    I join Payoneer just a month ago, and so far every member of the payoneer team is very friendly and
    helpful, these guys are very good 
    I Love Payoneer Service
    Please Message @Romi she is very nice and helpfull She solve my problem several times
  • RomiRomi Community Manager Posts: 2,706Member ✭✭✭

    @Shazia - If you hover over my name here in the topic, you'll see a menu pop up with an option to send me a message.


    @MyWay and @justzamir - thank you very much for the great feedback! :)


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