Help me for first payment for active

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-when i want add my Bank account in PayPal, i see error "you cant add at this time" , i will test any time, but again see same error,

-i want add my mastercard payoneer, Again i see tell me you master card is inactive (becuase have not balance)


Please help me, becuase very i tired fir this issue.




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    Hi @3245 You can link Payoneer US payment service to PayPal for widraw money 
    but be sure your us payment service must be active
    If your us payment service is active and you experience a error in PayPal you will need to contact PayPal on that matter and what you mean your card is inactive ?
    If you have Recived your card you can activate anytime and after you can load money on the card by Payoneer partners when you have a sufficient balance in your card You can add your card to PayPal
    paypal will charge you a little bit
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    i  check, "This service is currently active."

    but i cant add my bank to my account paypal,  i contacted with paypal, but have not recive any respond,


    can you help me more?

    can you give me your Skype ID in PM for explain more?



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    Hi @3245


    wait a few days to PayPal respond only PayPal can help you on this issue




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