Need a bit of assistance/help with Odesk

Hi guys,

Just need some withdrawal help with Odesk.

I already have a Payoneer account/mastercard and am able to recieve US payments (from select corporations that Payoneer allows - Odesk being one of them).

My question is, when signing up for a withdrawal method, should I choose the "Payoneer" option or "Direct Deposit/ACH"?

The main reason is that according to the Odesk payments signup page, the "Payoneer" method will charge $2. The "Direct Deposit/ACH" method is free to US banks.

Keep in mind that I am able to recieve payments via US Payments Service.

I really just need assistance in deciding/choosing the best method that will not cause problems later for either Payoneer, Odesk or myself.

Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,



  • RomiRomi Community Manager Posts: 2,706Member ✭✭✭
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    Hi Johnny,


    Please note that for every US Payment Service transaction you are charged 1% of the transaction total. A lot of times it could be more than $2.


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