Card declined, has funds, everything is correct

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Hello,  I would have made this complaint via contact us, but the form is not working.

My card got declined when I tried to pay my telephone bill. I called and they told me the problem was that "the bank was not authorizing the transaction". I have paid this bill in the past with no problem. 

Merchant Name: MOVISTAR PAGO (argentina)
Could you look into the issue as soon as possible? thanks in advance.
By the way: my card has funds, adress and name are correct, I have paid other bills without problem.


  • MyWayMyWay Posts: 123Member ✭✭

    Hi you should contact Payoneer Customer Support click on the link



    If the contact form does not work for you


    you have two other excellent option you can call or Live Chat With Customer Support Online 24 Hour 




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    Hi Polly,


    I cannot pinpoint on an issue - you can contact our support department directly at [email protected]


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