Very high exchange rate

Hello every one,


I have booked with a hotel, the amount to be payed was EUR 105.00, but i have been charged with $176.69


That is a very high exchange rate 1.68% !!!!!


The amount is still in "Pending Authorizations" section


Can any one help please


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    Hi, Have no idea friend if my answer will help you
    But if you convert 105 Euro to USD = 143.72
    I thing there is 26.36% Tax not included if you booked from Webiste
    You should contact the Web site or directly at the hotel managment they will tell you why chrages
  • kamelboxkamelbox Posts: 3Member

    Hello again,


    Thank you MyWay for your suggestion,


    I waited until the charge of amount, thay charged $148.92, the rest of amount has been added to my available balance


    Now it very reasonable,



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    Please note that what you had in your balance was an outstanding authorization which usually shows a higher amount to be charged. Once the payment is processed and released you are only charged the amount that was agreed upon with the hotel/car rental/gas station etc.


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