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i make this topic simply for a quick suggestion because of recent trouble i have with payoneer. I'm a first time user, or should i say, a first time "card loader". A guy i hired recommended me strongly to use payoneer to pay him as it's vastly superior to Paypal. I done research on Payoneer to see what he was talking about, i only heard good things, ok.



Okay heres my first suggestion: "Load money to card". I had to spend like 2 hours on the site before realizing that was what i was looking for... I was at one time filling an affiliate form, then realized that was not it, then i spend an hour to the card setup.. and finally found that link. For someone as me that was like reading a whole book before finding the index.


"Load money to card" for someone new means nothing, what card? Change the description to be noob-friendly like "payment to a cardholder" i dunno, im sure you can come up with something better. Something a regular customer will find in 2 second on your page.



Next suggestion, i sent money "load?" to a guy. Then i received a email saying its confirmed then it's being processed. I was talking with him on skype and he told me after 30min he didn't had the money. After 2 full hours, nothing. That guy i hired, began to doubt me a lot. I had to resent him the email from payoneer to prove to him i wasn't trying to scam him. One day after, i contact support and they tell me they need scan and such of ID. My question: why, if there was a problem, i "had" to contact support. Why this wasn't automated to me to tell me there was a problem. I had the trouble of contacting bank and speaking to a ton of people of all different departments because i though it was bank fault. Ok, so my suggestion is: add a notice to the form "if a first time user . . .  amount beyond ... blablabla".



Last suggestion. I checked contact support like i said. Your contact support form require an affiliate field..? I had to say "other" hoping it will work. Make "other" > "other/none" or something, for noob like me please.


i Know this look like a rant but it isn't. I like the payoneer concept very much, and they are really suggestions to make it better as i came across these problems myself.




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