Bank account unexpectedly closed. Need to update bank details.

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Hello Payoneer,


First, I just want to say that I am truly thankful for the amazing service you created. I am able to receive my regular payments through the Local Bank Transfer service in time and with no hassle.


However, just recently, I have had a bit of a problem with my bank. They, unfortunately, closed my account (due to unpaid service charges) without warning while I am expecting my funds to arrive from Payoneer.


Thankfully, I was immediately notified by email by Payoneer about the issue. The email contained instructions to send my voided check or bank statements to Payoneer.


However, since my bank account was already closed, the bank already deleted my account and were not able to generate my bank statements. So, what I did was to make digital copies of my bank passbook where it contained all my bank transactions. I then send them to Payoneer as a reply to the email they have sent.


Now, my problem is that it has already been two days with no reply from Payoneer support. I have also went to another branch of the same bank to create a new account hoping to have my new bank details updated on my Payoneer account. 





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    First of all thank you for your feedback - we appreciate it.


    Regarding your bank issue - I see that on Oct 23rd we asked you to send certain documents and you were advised to contact the GBT department. If you're still waiting for a reply from them - do you maybe have a ticket number of your latest email to us?


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  • janintiajanintia Posts: 2Member

    Hello Romi,


    Thank you for your response.


    Yes, I was asked on Oct 23rd by GBT department about my bank account details and statements. I forwarded them digital copies of my bank statements.


    Then after that, on Oct 8th they replied that I had sent my past bank account and they need my new bank account details instead. So I sent them my new bank account details on Oct 30th. I am currently waiting for them for a reply. Here's the ticket/reference number -> LTK1215309812037X


    Thank you very much,

    Jan Michael Intia

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