please answer me need help !

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hello everybody :)


i had this adress ( ordred the card for this adress because they didnt accepte my adress i already have 2 cards in it for my old bros )


state : oran / zip 31000 adres : bla bla bla  ( Note : the state i used is not the same i am on now )


i changed my : 


My Account / Billing Address


to : 


state : tissemsilt / zip 38000 adress : bla bla bla 


they said " As requested, your profile details have been updated. " from payoneer messages " 


they said " This is a notice to confirm that your Payoneer account profile details have been changed. " from email


so did i changed it with no problem ? they won't ask for anything else now ? is the new adress 100% working with no problem ?


thank you so much


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