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hello , i have two questions please answer :


1 -  i withdrawed money from paypal to payoneer ( small amount 5$ just to confirm ) in 24 october and i still didnt get it ( even in paypal saying DONE " 


Note : i wanted to test if i get it because i dont have activated card i still didint receive it


Question 2 :


i had this adress ( ordred the card for this adress because they didnt accepte my adress i already have 2 cards in it for my old bros )


state : oran / zip 31000 adres : bla bla bla  ( Note : the state i used is not the same i am on now )


i changed my : 


My Account / Billing Address


to : 


state : tissemsilt / zip 38000 adress : bla bla bla 


they said " As requested, your profile details have been updated. " from payoneer messages " 


they said " This is a notice to confirm that your Payoneer account profile details have been changed. " from email


so did i changed it with no problem ? they won't ask for anything else now ? is the new adress 100% working with no problem ?


thank you so much



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    On your first question, as you say before your us payment is active and you can widraw money from PayPal
    but it usually takes 4-7 days to show in your Payoneer account



    And the second question the answer maybe in the future, we need your national identity card prove to identify


    your real addres you change




  • canemafijacanemafija Member Posts: 28 ✭✭

    yes i activated my us payement and linked it with apypal and received the 2 small amounts and it's verified 


    on paypal it's saying withdrawing to bank account in the us " done " but i dont have it in payoneer , and i dont have active card , will i receive that 5$ from 4-7 days ?


    and thank you so much :)

  • MyWayMyWay Member Posts: 123 ✭✭
    Hi @canemafija yes, you can receive
    to widraw from ATMs and online purchasing you should have a card and your card activated
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