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Hi all Payoneer users!

I'm running my own website where I'm selling eBooks. At the moment I get paid for my books using another payment gateway, however I'd like to evaluate another solution which allows me have my money credited on a Credit Card.

Is it possible to accomplish this with Payoneer ? are there any restrictions for merchants living outside US ?

Thanks a lot in advance





  • RomiRomi Community Manager Posts: 2,706Member ✭✭✭



    Payoneer does not offer such a service at the moment.


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  • VicVic Posts: 76Member ✭✭

    Yes thats right after many members asking for this for many years we still are waiting for this option.....even though for many years Payoneer has been telling us that they are looking into it! But there competitors are offering this and more!!!! If your interested!

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  • nabeelshaikhnabeelshaikh Posts: 2Member
    Hey @Payoneer !
    Please add 'buy now' or 'donate' buttons we need it... thanks!
  • PerparimPerparim Posts: 7Member
    yeah great idea i need it
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