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Official FAQs for the US Payment Service Update

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We've recently updated our US Payment Service, now enabling you to receive payments from any US company, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions (link below) In order to make the transition to this new service as simple and easy as possible, we've provided the following FAQs:


 I heard that Payoneer's US Payment Service was recently updated. What has changed?


Payoneer has recently partnered with additional service providers to enable account holders worldwide to receive payments from any US company! Each account holder that was already using the US Payment Service has been provided with a new US account and routing number, which is already enabled to receive payments. 


 Where can I find my updated US Payment Service account details?


An e-mail confirmation with the updated US Payment Service account details was sent to each Payoneer account holder. If you did not receive the e-mail, or no longer have access to it, you can also view your updated account details by signing into your Payoneer account, going to the "Receive Money" menu and selecting "US Payment Profile."


 What about my old US Payment Service account details? Can I still use those?


The old US Payment Service account details will remain active, and you can continue using them to receive payments. When setting up your payment method with new companies, you should use the updated account details.


 Can I really receive payments from any US company?


Yes! With your updated US Payment Service account details you can receive payments from any US company. Please note, however, that certain services/activities are still restricted in accordance with our official Terms and Conditions. For a full list of prohibited services click here


 Can friends/family or other individuals send me payments?


No - the US Payment Service allows you to receive funds from US companies only. Payments from individuals will not be accepted, and returned to sender.


 I received a payment and it is pending or was not approved. What do I do?


Each payment received using your US Payment Service is subject to approval by our US Payment Service department. If your payment is still pending, we will be sending you an e-mail with further details shortly. If your payment was declined, an e-mail explanation was sent to you, and you can also refer to our Terms and Conditions.


 Can I also use the US Payment Service to send funds?


No - the US Payment Service is a collection account, meaning it can only be used to receive funds. All funds received are loaded to your Payoneer account. Any attempt to charge your US Payment Service directly will unfortunately be declined.


  If you have any additional questions, or would like to share your feedback about this recent update, feel free to visit our official forum section at:

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