How can I contact the owner?

VicVic Posts: 76Member ✭✭

I'm not sure my concerns and request are being seen or heard by the actual management so I would like to talk to someone who is actually in charge! In other words I want to be able to talk to your boss or bosses!


I have and I have seen other posters on this forum posting for years now that we really need private uploads! But we feel we should beable to have private uploads without some other company paying us so we meet some cash amount to get our private loads available to us! I mean if we are being send payments from one of your partners on a regular bases that should be enough to keep private loads open to us! Setting a cash limit we have to collect from your partners is just stupid and a way to limit the amount of work you have to do!


So I would like a reason why we can't get around those amount limits so we can use private loads without the generic answers I get every time I ask the question! You know the we are a payment processor bla bla bla......Please let me know your bosses contact info so I can talk to someone in charge!!!!!

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