Private loading question!

VicVic Member Posts: 63 ✭✭

Now according to your private loads page "Private Loads are reviewed on an individual basis, and are subject to approval by Payoneer’s Payment Approval Department." Now this is not what I was told when my private loads was cancelled actually I was told everyone that had not received payments from a partner of payoneer of at least $150 in the last 6 months had been cancelled! I was canceled because I missed that amount by $12, $12 really?


Also on this private loads page I read that you have the right set requirements and limits on a "case by case basis."  So in my case why was my limit set so I have to receive at $150 with 6 months? Was it because you looked at my account and saw I wasn't able to reach the $150 amount within 6 months using your partners?


Now when I sent plugrush to you as a partner company I didn't have this limit to meet! I was given private loads just by asking for it!

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