Us payment - help?

ukafukaf Member Posts: 3

I received my card today and wanted to know how can I tell the status of my US payment service. I have submitted both the questionnaire and the Passport copy, and on the page on the bottom it says "approved" for the ID and "Submitted" for the questionnaire. Does that mean all is good and I can start receiving payments?

(I do have the Bank name, Bank Account number and the routing number on the page )

Thank you 
Ehud K


  • RomiRomi Community Manager Member Posts: 2,542 ✭✭✭

    Please wait until the verification email which says your USPS is enabled and your'e ready to receive payments.


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  • zohaib1zohaib1 Member Posts: 2

    admin plz add payment service in your US payment service list.. Thanks :)

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