Need Help about payment cant rec payment

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Dear sir i have a problem i need your advice pleae help me

I send a payment from paypal to payoneer Date Nov 01 2013 so i think i rec this payment on Nov-04-2013 but i cant rec when i open email he says you can rec your payment  Nov-06-2013 but today irec another email from: [email protected]


Good News! You have received money – Click to load your money!


Dear Abdullah,

Good News!

You have received a payment of $150.00 via the Payoneer Direct Deposit service.

To ensure we have the correct information before we process the payment, please click Continue.
Note: If clicking Continue fails, please copy the entire link below and paste into your browser:**************************************************

Thank you,
Payoneer Customer Support


please tell me this is real email from Payoneer or Not because before days i cant rec this type of email and i am worried about this email can i click the link then i rec payment or not and or this email is Fake ? help please


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    Salam Please Contact here



    (Live Chat with Customer Support)



    Good Luck

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    This email is from us and is not fake.

    However in this type of payments there is no need to manually load them - the email was sent out by our system since the payment was being processed.

    No need to click the link to load - this will be loaded automatically.


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