How to load my payoneer by a creadit card

I have a unveryfied paypal account ,and I want to veryfie it using may Payoneer debit card.My payoneer debit card is activated and US payment service unabled.I want to fund about $5 to payoneer debt card from my credit card.For that I go to Load card page and tried.I got a masage saing "Private loads are not supported for this card".

    So what is the methord that I shoud use to fund few dolors to payoneer debit card from my credit card.


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    Please note that the Payoneer card is focused on payroll and payout services - it is not meant solely for personal use. When someone applies for a card it is mainly to receive payments from partners (businesses we work with) and/or via our US Payment Service, which allows individuals to get paid by US companies.
    Only when a cardholder is active in one of these methods or both, can he have an option for card to card transfers (between Payoneer cardholders) and private loads (loading money to a Payoneer card with a regular credit card). These are additional services and are only open to active customers.


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    you've to be an active person with payoneer to get this feature which is card to card.

    طـــارق حـــمـــادي (iTarek)


    مـــدون تـــقـــنـــي مـــتـــخـــصـــص فـــي أجـــهـــزة الآي يــو آس


    مـــؤســـس مـــوقـــع ســـلـــة الأربـــاح، مـــهـــتـــم بـــكـــل مـــا هـــو خـــاص بـــالـــتـــقـــنـــيـــة وبـــالـــتـــجـــارة الإلـــكـــتـــرونـــيـــة والـــبـــنـــوك.


    ســـلـــة الأربـــاح هـــو أول مـــوقـــع يـــخـــتـــص بـــكـــل مـــا يـــدور فـــي فـــلـــك أجـــهـــزة الآي يـــو آس والـــربـــح مـــنـــها ومـــخـــتـــص بـــالـــبـــنـــوك الإلـــكـــتـــرونـــيـــة وأســـرارهـــا




    يـــمـــكـــنـــكـــم الـــتـــواصـــل مـــعـــي عـــبـــر حـــســـابـــي فـــي الـــفـــيـــســـبـــوك،

    تـــويـــتـــر، أو جـــوجـــل بـــلـــس




    ولـــلـــمـــزيـــد مـــن الـــمـــعـــلـــومـــات حـــول مـــوقـــع ســـلـــة الأربـــاح؛ يـــمـــكـــنـــكـــم


    زيـــارة الـــمـــوقـــع الـــرســـمـــي، صـــفــــحـــتـــنـــا عـــلـــى الـــفـــيـــســـبـــوك، 


    صـــفـــحـــتـــنـــا عـــلـــى تـــويـــتـــر، أو صـــفـــحـــتـــنـــا عـــلـــى جـــوجـــل بـــلـــس.

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    Hi, from my own experience you will need to receive some payments from any payoneer associate. In my case after receiving some transfers from my own paypal account I was able to get private loads available for my card.


    Have described all the tasks that I did in order to get the service available on my personal blog



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