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Hi, I requested a payment of $39.20 from PayPal but I have received only about $9. The email I received from Payoneer states that "Your .... has been loaded with $39.20." I recently paid my annual card fee so there can be no deductions. I received payments after this fee was taken and there were no issues.


Please look into this, it's urgent that I receive the full amount.


Payment ID: 8441677


This is the payment ID of my annual fee deduction  70623141


Now I received an email saying I need to verify my USPS. It was already confirmed and activated on October 31st. LTK1215304426285X

Seriously, this is very inconvenient. Romy or Nissim or Administrator, please I need a fast solution.


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    It says Annual fee November 2013 to October 2014 Transaction Number 72677849.


    So there's a separate card activation fee? I have been charged $60 (activation fee + annual fee). But this did not happen when I received payments larger than $30 earlier.

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    Just called Payoneer customer care and they said there is an activation fee as well as an annual fee. But I just read this answer to a forum post in 2012 by Talia, a moderator http://community.payoneer.com/index.php?/topic/2757-payoneer-activation-charges/


    We now have second fee structure where there is no activation fee and no monthly fee, but a flat annual fee of $29.95. I am guessing that you signed up through our homepage and not through Fiverr, which is why you are seeing different fees. The ATM fee is also $3.15 like our usual fee.


    This is an answer by Nissim in May 2013: http://community.payoneer.com/index.php?/topic/7042-payoneer-activation-fee/


    This is the annual fee for your account, simply for the first year it shows up as "Activation fee".


    I signed up directly via the Payoneer website. So what's actual structure here? activation (one time)+annual fee or just annual fee (shown as activation fee the first time)?

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    Called customer service again and they refunded my money :thumbsu: ! Said technical errors like this can occur. Thank you Payoneer :)

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    Good Luck Friend


    Enjoy Payoneer Service 

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    Hi! Glad to see it all worked out :)


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