I Lost Few Dollars

Tanmoy S
Tanmoy S Member Posts: 19 ✭✭
In 9th June 2011, I tried to pay my VPS bill from my Payoneer Card. I use service of FranTech Solution. Their website url: frantech [dot] ca. They use PayPal Website Pro for Credit Card processing. I tried to pay using my card but system declined the transaction. I logged in my Payoneer Account to check if I did any wrong in address. And wondered that three times the amount ($1.8) was deducted from my account. Yes I tried thrice to pay using my card.

I contacted with Frantech and they told me that system denied the payment so they didn't get any amount from me. Could you please help me to get back the amount? My Payoneer email is same to this forum account's email. Please check the issue and help me.