loading money into payoneer debit card problem

hello im new here,so excuse me if i break any forum rules,i have a few problems with my payoneer debit card im not even sure this is the right section for posting this kind of topics so once again im sorry if it's not 


1st:i can't link my paypal account to us payment service,it give me this error message saying :(We were unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date.)


im starting to think that my us payment service account is not active and i did the Questionnaire and i did send the id document both of them says Submitted and Approved !! so this my 1st problem 

2nd:i can't load the money into the card Private loads are not supported for this card 

why is that my card is not supported ....!!!

look i know my balance is 0.00 but in order to have money in my card i need to load money into the card and because of that error message in paypal concerning bank account i want it to do another way of  verifying my paypal account by linking my debit card but i  discovered that in order to do it that way you need to have money in you debit card...!!!!!

im really against the wall here and i desperately need help because it's over month now since i got the card and i can't do anything with it,it starting to look useless to me 

just put yourself in my shoes and how you going feel ??



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    1. Please note that you must have funds on your Payoneer card in order to link USPS with PayPal, since PayPal charge a verification fee. We cannot change PayPal's terms and the way they work.


    2. Please note that the Payoneer card is focused on payroll and payout services - it is not meant solely for personal use. When someone applies for a card it is mainly to receive payments from partners (businesses we work with) and/or via our US Payment Service, which allows individuals to get paid by US companies.

    Only when a cardholder is active in one of these methods or both, can he have an option for card to card transfers (between Payoneer cardholders) and private loads (loading money to a Payoneer card with a regular credit card). These are additional services and are only open to active customers.


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