How to withdraw cash in Lithuania

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I got my payoneer card few weeks ago and having trouble finding ATM that would accept my card. Got funds loaded few days ago and it's already showing up in my account, also shows that my card is activated.


I tried to use ATM's as instructed, located them through mastercard website in Vilnius . I tried number of ATM's and none of them accepted the card, it didn't even let me slide it in fully. Someone I know told me who used to use payoneer card and it worked, so I went to the same ATM he was using and had the same problem again, didn't accept my card.


Please let me know if you have any suggestions as I need this resolved asap!




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    As long as the ATM accepts prepaid debit MasterCard it should work with no problem. The Payoneer card works in your country and there shouldn't be issues. If you know for sure that your friend withdrew money from an ATM and you weren't able to, please try again and if it doesn't work, I suggest to contact our support department for assistance:


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    Hello !


    please let me know if  we may get so called  PIN number  (SecurityCode 3 Pins ) ?


    this PIN number will be necessary at most of ATM machines in Europe !


    I am looking forward to your response , Mrs. Romi

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    Your card's 4-digit PIN is assigned during the activation process, which you can do once you receive the physical card in the mail. 

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