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It's more than half year now that Payoneer doesn't want to give access to my money. I only want to use my card as any other users but I cannot do that at the moment because my card has been blocked. Payoneer claims the amount on the card is above a limit and they can only transfer it by wire all in one to my bank account.
By this, basically they are closing out people. Moreover they are even not willing to answer my emails. Looks like they don't want to communicate with users whose money they already have. Not easy to understand this kind of business approach. Anyway be careful and always withdraw your payouts from your Payoneer card.

If someone reads this from Payoneer, my ticket number: LTK481071644937X


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    I cannot assist with unblocking the card if it has been decided to block it. Regarding your remaining balance, we are still awaiting an email from you with bank details so that we can transfer your balance to your local bank account. I suggest you send us the details so we can help you out. Further than this, there's nothing we can do.


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