Whether to apply for Payoneer card via Elance or directly here?

Hi all,

I need help with decision how to apply for Payoneer card. In first days I will use my card mainly for receive money from Elance, but in the near future I expect to recieve from other sources too. Should I open Payoneer account and apply for card directly on Payoneer website or via Elance?

What are the benefits of opening Payoneer account over Elance in my case, if any? Is there any differences in fees? What are the pros and cons of each option?



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    The difference is:

    Elance-payoneer card has a  value Card activation  $5.00  One time - when card is first loaded  ,monthly mantencion value $ 1 (2+ trx/month) or $ 3(0-1 trx/month)


    The common payoneer card has a value of annual mantencion $ 29.95


    Elance-payoneer  Loading Payments - Standard Load Free Subsidized by Elance
    The common payoneer card  Loading Payments - 1%


    Important :the commun payoneer  card has a referral program which currently provides 25 dollars gift for new activations


    I will send you a private message


      good luck

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    Hi, I really don't want to open a new thread for my little question, so I will bump this thread.


    I've applied for Payoneer card through Elance, it should be arriving soon. The thing that interests me is that I received one email that says that my US Payment Service has not yet been verified, and that I should fill one questionaire and send a copy of my ID card.


    I have no problem with that, but from what I understand this is only needed if I am to receive money from PayPal, Amazon, etc.

    Since I will be only receiving payments from Elance, is this step necessary?





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    Hi Mirko - if you don't intend on using the Payoneer account to receive payments from US companies, and wish to use it only for Elance to receive partner payments, that's fine and you don't need to send the questionnaire etc. :)


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