Message from Payoneer Customer Support LTK12153010058680X

All my paypal payments were put on hold. I sent the requested screenshots , even sent more just to avoid the same situation in the future. I was asked for paypal screenshots and i also sent stripe screenshots because i receive payments from both. Nobody from support can tell me an exact date when I'll get my funds , also saw here on forum other people with same problem submitted the screenshots , posted on forum and in same day they received the payment. I sent all requested screenshots on 11/16 - paypal ones and on 11/18 stripe ones , today we are in 11/20 and nobody can tell me whats going on , cant even tell me is taking xxxx days to verify your payments or we need other things .... live help support tell me the same thing from few days ago , asked if i can call someone they said no ... no offence guys but some of us work for these amounts of $ and maybe our business will stop because we are not paid in time. Hope someone will resolve my problem soon.




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