Card not recieved after a month

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Hi, I applied for Payoneer Card on September 25th and was Approved on October 8th. 


"Your card is estimated to arrive between 11 Nov 2013 and 18 Nov 2013"


But I haven't recieved the card and it's November 20th, also I got a mail on November 18th saying to Activate the Card, but I don't have the card still.


Reference Number 3154666




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    Please allow until Nov 25th just to rule out any delay. I suggest to also check with you local post office.

    If the card doesn't arrive by then, please contact support:


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    Ok thank you for the reply.

  • naturecoldnaturecold Member Posts: 3
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    Hi, I haven't received the card still after a week of the estimated arrive time November 18th.


    I have sent an email to support.


    Ticket Number LTK12153010096756X.



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