Multiple IDs and birth certificate for approval

Hello everyone,


I am Abera and I am from Ethiopia.


Today I managed to join this forum because of the problem I have with the payoneer account approval department. And I hope someone here will help me to solve the problem.


Here is the thing: I have applied to payoneer pre paid master card few months ago. Then I was asked to provide my ID in order to process my application. I scanned my government issued ID and uploaded. I tried to make my ID scan clear and readable. But later, the account approval department asked me to provide my passport or Driving license or my birth certificate.But since I don't have a car, I have no driving license and since I haven't been out of Ethiopia so far, still I don't have passport. As to my birth certificate, I was born in rural part of Ethiopia in 1953 G.C, and birth certificate was not issued for me at that time because the government at that time was not issuing birth certificate for those born at rural part of Ethiopia because of government structure and political issue when I was born. I know that my situation looks weird ( I know that at least I should have  birth certificate) and I asked the approval Department to consider the one and only government issued ID that I have sent to them. But they told me that I should provide OTHER photo ID to process my application( otherwise they will decline my application) . I need this Payoneer Pre-paid
Master Card for my online retirement job and to withdraw payments from my pay pal account.What should I do?


Thank you in advance for your suggestions and help.

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