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I have opened a payoneer account a few months ago and enabled USPS. Got the card activated it and added it at my Paypal account. I have actually withdrawn money once afew days ago. Then the problems started....have been notified by CS that i have to submit once again an ID and the infamous "Quetionnaire". I did so...and suddenly my second attempt of withdrawing funds frm paypal was cancelled by Payoneer and CS informed me that is not in their white list and so cannot withdraw any funds from my Paypal account. In the meantime received another email from CS that my USPS is disabled as my account is not compliant with Payoneer terms & Conditions. Nobody took a minute to explain me more....momentarilly came at my mind the ugly, nasty, unfair canned replies we are getting all these years from Ebay and Paypal....I told myself that a beautiful service like Payoneer is getting bigger thus more cynical and less caring about their clients.  I have emailed back CS but havent received any explanation at all.

It was then i decided to contact Live Chat support....

Well Michael T. made the difference for Payoneer, at least in my case....he was polite and showed really interested to help. I have to admit that was a bit nervous if not rude at the begining....but he calmly tried to explain to me....not the stupid american style of repeating the same phrases again and again whatever you may say untill you understand that there is no meaning in this and stp asking....really calm and interested to help....

So...what i found out....

There is no case about european clients of Paypal are serviced by I just got an error email by some ignorant CS employe that didnt take the time to check and see and just found a fast and easy explanation of why my withdrawal amount was rejected.


I also found out that propably was something wrong with my of the bright minds of US payment service support decided that what i am selling is prescription meds or something like that....nothing common ofcourse. I dont really know what was the reason they disabled my USPS but that was my best guess and Michael T's suggestion too.

The Live Chat person took the time to explain what are the possible reasons that my USPS was disabled due to not compliance with Terms& the person that reviewed my questionnaire didnt took a minute to send an email and give an explanation. He offered to check on my case and give me through USPS support another chance to explain my case and re-apply....

I want to thank Michael T. for his time and efforts....and congratulate payoneer that has such representatives.

I dont know what will happen with my USP but definately a totally Negative experience got to somewhat positive only because someone took the time to read and understand what i was writting and also took the time to reply to me...not like a phone answering machine but as a real person with real the Internet era of faceless Customer support we have a great need of more people like Michael T. I hope USPS support see its error or at least give me the opportunity to prove what i am saying and re-anable my USPS.

We are legitimate people with honest intentions ....Payoneer has no way to know who is who but should establish a way to do that...otherwise they are pushing us to third part services that promice (and believe me) deliver "Stealth" Payoneer accounts in whatever name you wish and with enabled USPS. We do not wish to go underground payoneer, do not push us toward these services.


Thank you for taking time to read this long post. i hope it creates some reaction either good or bad. I hope they dont bann me totally for telling the truth!!


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    Thanks for sharing your feedback about your recent chat with Michael! We'll certainly let him know - I'm sure he will be happy to hear it.


    Regarding the US Payment Service we do have official Terms and Conditions that must be followed (which I'm sure Michael mentioned). As part of those terms we have a list of restricted services, which you can view here.


    Our intention is not to make you feel uncomfortable, or to question the validity of your account/payments in any way, and I sincerely apologize if you felt that way. As a fully regulated US company we are required to adhere to strict online payment regulations, and our US Payment Service Terms and Conditions are part of that.


    Thanks again for taking the time to write this post.

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    I have a Fiverr account and also a Payoneer card but it is registered on the ID of my brother. I want to cancel that card and associate another card that is linked to my previous Fiverr account that has been closed. The question is, may i assosiate previous card to my recent Fiverr account while I have a card of my recent account but I want to cancel it.

    Please reply as I am too much worried.
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    Can we receive payments from a US company provided it is an LLC?
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    To receive payment, companies must comply with our Terms and Conditions. See the complete list on section 5. 
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