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Hi there


Last week I had to withdraw near $1300 to my bank account from Paypal. I have also associated my USP account to Paypal and accidentally withdraw the money to that bank.

Well, two days later I recieve an email telling me that the payment is pending and asking me for paypal screenshot and wanted to know where the money came from.

I just sended all the screenshots I could to prove where do I earn my money (I'm a web developer). But in case you still can't approve the withdraw, can you send MY money back to my paypal account? Or you want to keep with MY money? I'm sorry if I'm a little angry about this, but we are talking about my salary here and I need it ASAP!


Oh, by the way, the ticket code is LTK12153010139727X


Thanks in advance!




  • zorbakanzorbakan Member Posts: 5

    I just recieved an email telling me that my account is now verified. Great! I don't know if someone here move some strings to speed up this issue, but in any case, Thanks!!



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    Hi - our team just reviewed the information and helped you verify your USPS.

    Please note, whenever a payment is sent to us, in the case of it not being approved it is always sent back to the initiator!


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  • daniyal876daniyal876 Member Posts: 2
    if you are still active can you share some information what kind of source you was earning or taking payment i also received that kind of email and afraid about it.
    COuld you just send me screenshot of history? so i ccan verify with mine.

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