I am being charged an extra 10% on every purchase, why?

Hi, I have a new prepaid card, and I have used it a couple of times, and to my surprise I am being charged an additional 10% on every purchase, even thought the Pricing web-page says it is free (https://payouts.payoneer.com/partners/Default/Fees.aspx?pid=BfLuk8%2bZovpa6njeNk1iMA%3d%3d&langid=1&sessionid=hwl05xmtkvbfxmdl1lszsrba). Why? Why is payoneer charging for this?


I have also sent a couple messages to the customer support and no answer, seems like they don't want to asnwer to my complain or have no answer at all, just keep charging as long as they can to eat all my money with all sort of fees. In fact, if nobody of the payoneer staff answer this question I will cancel this card ASAP!


The purchases were made at amazon.com BTW. And don't come to me that amazon made that extra charge! Because I have bought at amazon with other credit cards and the amount charged to my cards are always the same shown on screen. So, I am VERY SURE it's you (payoneer) who is chargin this extra money, and it's not a couple bucks it's 10%!!!!


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    I see that you received a reply from support today, explaining the details of these charges.


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