My account doesn't match My National ID

Hi, all...I had a problem when I filled payoneer application form. I do not have surname on my National ID, but because surname field cannot leave blank, so I put my academic title - SE (Sarjana Ekonomi or Bachelor in Economics).

I sent an email in order to notify someone about this, but it was look like no one noticed. the next day, I contact the CS by chat and asked to correct my name on my account so that my name on payoneer account and card match my national ID card. But they said that the card had already issued and delivered. I must be charged for additional fee for replacements.

Will there any problem rise if my account does not match my national ID?


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    It might bring up a problem if in the future you need to verify your account etc. I suggest you contact customer support and see how they can help regarding the replacement card.


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    I applied twice but didn't receive payoneer card on given address
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