$2 Request: Need $2 as soon as possible!

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Hello Payoneer Community,


I'm planning to sign up as a Google Play Store developer to publish an Android application that I have been working on for the past month. I need to pay a fee to sign up and it costs $25. I received my payment for some freelance work I've been doing today and I was planning to keep $25 in my card and keep the rest. But when I withdrawn the money from the ATM, only $24 were left in the card. My next payment will be on 20th January 2014. And I really really need to publish my application this week. So please can anyone send me $2? 


If one of the Payoneer staff sees this, can you give me $2 and cut it out from my next payment? Please, I really need it!


My Payoneer account e-mail: [email protected]


Thanks in advance!