Get payments from any US company.. unrealized dream!

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Hello everybody,


When I received an email from Payoneer telling me that now it is possible to receive payment from any US company, it was my long waited day. I closed everything and read the email again and again and I went to see my new details in my account, fortunately it was all good. Now, that I got that out of the way, I thought it is the time to reconsider the previously ignored companies due to the absence of their names in Payoneer's approved companies list.

Yet, I was obliged to live another dream breaker fact, which is SSN (Social Security Number). Gosh! all these efforts and waiting just to know that if you are not American, you are out even if the company's future will change -for good- if join them.

I'm trying to get payment from many US companies, but they won't let me activate my account without SSN, All I want is to be able to accept credit cards in my website without high commission from Paypal (4.90% + $0.30/transaction) or 2checkout (5.5% + $0.45). Pretty good companies like :,, etc charge only 2.9% + $0.30


Stripe is expending their reach.

I'm from Morocco, so I think it will take them centuries until they add us in the list :)


Do you guys face this sort of problems? also, I would love if anyone of Payoneer team join our discussion


Thank you