Linking my Freelancer account to my wife's Payoneer card



I would like to do withdrawals from my account to my wife's Payoneer card.


The staff told me they can link my wife's card but they suggested I should check with Payoneer to get a clearance.


I once saw a post here from Nissim where he explained that Payoneer has to clear such cases but it was about PayPal not Freelancer.

If that is relevant, Freelancer staff told me that payments from them do not show my name, just company info.


Thank you!


  • Romi
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    I unfortunately cannot help with this here on the forum and we do need to check such cases individually - please contact customer support so that they can assist you:


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  • TheAandB
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    Hello Romi,


    that is the information I was looking for, thank you!