CloudSpokes and TopCoder Join Forces

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As many of you know, CloudSpokes and TopCoder, two of the best developer communities in the world, have joined together to create the world's largest professional development and design community. For more details, visit:


Starting 01/01/2014, the CloudSpokes and TopCoder platforms will begin merging to a single unified platform bringing the best from both communities. Payoneer has been an official payment method for TopCoder developers for quite some time, and is now also available to CloudSpokes members. As a promotion, TopCoder is also offering free activation for the Payoneer card and free bank transfers until February 28, 2014!


Payoneer provides developers and designers around the world with simple, efficient, and low cost ways to receive their payments. To get started, simply sign into your updated platform and select Payoneer as your payment method (after which you will be directed to an online application page).


The payment methods we support include:


Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card:


  • Receive payments directly to a personalized prepaid debit MasterCard
  • Payments made to your card are available in minutes
  • Card is supported in over 200 countries
  • Use your card to make purchases online/in stores, or withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide


Payoneer Global Bank Transfer Service:


  • Receive payments directly to your local bank account
  • Supporting transfer to more than 200 countries, in over 50 currencies
  • Fully localized solutions available in more than 80 countries, meaning we send your payments from a local bank in your country, in your local currency
  • One-time setup of account details, with no maintenance fees
  • Low cost - only $2.99 per local currency transfer and $15 per USD SWIFT



Payoneer provides multilingual customer support via telephone, e-mail, and live chat at: You can find answers to most questions on this community forum, and also visit our official blog to be informed of news and updates. 


If you have any questions about Payoneer, also feel free to reply tot his topic and we will be happy to assist you.