Problem with skrill

Hello everyone,


this is question related to skrill more than payoneer and i hope experts here will be able to help me. thanx. 


Here is the story,

when i faced a few problems with activating my payoneer card i decided to send my funds (from odesk) to my Skrill account, and now when everything went fine with payoneer, i attached my payoneer card to the skrill acount and hoping that i can transfer or withdraw that money with it, but for some reason by card cannot be verified on skrill, also i cannot add a US bank account on skrill, it say that i have to finish "address verification" which in my account setting said that it's already verified, am afraid that the funds will be stacked there forever... 



i didn't add a local bank account to skrill cause creating a bank account coast +60$ in my country and am a student that cannot risk putting that money without being able to solve the problem. 

i also contacted skrill customer support a week ago, and still no response ... 

(big ups for the payoneer customer services, you're the best)






  • zicobaby
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    Hello Aladine,

    Thanks for your post.

    Though I'm not an EXPERT; but I'm a Skrill user for a very long time.

    Tha't why I'd like to help your with the situation from my POV.


    First, with Skrill, you MUST add a local bank account (on your name) to withdraw paymenet from your Skrill account.

    Then You've to verify the bank account through tranfering a TEST TRANSACTION less than $15 (eg. $14.95) from your Skrill to your bank account.

    Then Skrill will make the transfer and SEND a security code with the tranfer.

    You'll have to provide the security code in your Skrill profile, to successfully verify your LOCAL bank account.


    Once you verify your LOCAL bank account, then you can add another international bank account of any country.

    In this way, you can use US Payment Service to withdraw payment from Skrill, which will end up to your Payoneer account.


    You've mentioned that, you Address Verification already completed, which is a very positive thing for your Skrill account.

    But, at this moment, if you can't verify your Payoneer Card to your Skrill; this is the best way you can use US Payment Service.


    Please let me know, if you need any further help.


  • aladine
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    thanx alot Zico !!

    that very helpful, at least now am sure of something, going to the bank tomorrow, i'll keep you updated, thanx again and have a great day.  

  • zicobaby
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    No Problem.

    I faced quite similar problem like yours.

    That's why I know the solution.

    I'd be happy, if my suggestion helps you to solve the issue.

    And ofcourse, please keep me posted about the issue.


    Have a good day.

  • aladine
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    Hey Zico, 

    i was in the bank today and the customer services woman suggested that i use a postal account instead of a bank account cause the fees are a so much less expensive, is that possible ??  

  • zicobaby
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    I don't think so.

    A bank account and a postal account is a quite different thing.

    As far as I know, Skrill supports only bank account, not postal account.


    So, please refer to Skrill customer support about the postal account.



  • aladine
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    thanx a lot man !!

    but the thing is that skrill customer support is one of the worst services i ever used ... 

    my request still didn't get any reply and it have been two weeks now. 

    So please allow me to ask these question to you and i hope you can answer 


    1. -Can i use one of my parents bank out ? 
    2. -Do i need any activation fees send from that bank account to skrill ? 
    3. -In case i didn't attach a bank account, the funds on skrill will be stacked there for ever ?


    thank you very much 

  • aladine
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    today i received a mail from skrill to my home address, it contain the address verification code, i finished the adress verification process in my skrill account and now am able to add a US bank account, i did a withdraw from skrill to payoneer and it seems that everything went okay ^_^ !!


    thanx again for your help man  

  • zicobaby
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    I'm really happy to hear that :goodjob: