Payoneer debit card - Bank changed?

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I have withdrawn some money several months ago to Payoneer debit card, the card issuer was First Century bank, and the card is related to First century bank too. Now I would like to withdraw money once again, but in my Payoneer acount profile I have noticed that the bank and all information changed: the bank is "Bank of America" instead of "First Century Bank", so the account number has changed too.


So where should I withdraw money - to First century bank and the same account like before, or to the new bank and new account, which appeared in my profile with any notice?


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    The old bank details will still work since they're still valid.

    If you're transferring PayPal payments you don't have to change the bank details.

    If it's easy for you to edit the bank details on the site you're getting payments from, you can edit those.


    Again, I can assure you the old bank details will still work and the funds will be transferred.


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