Registration To Payoneer Problem

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I sent a message to Nissim 2 days ago about this problem, but I had no response so I'm starting it as a topic because it's urgent.

My client is having problem with payoneer. He is trying to register so he can transfer money to my account on regular bases for my graphic work, but for some reason he can't. He told me that payoneer want's him to also order payooner card. He don't need a card. He sent the ID's. This is going on for few month now. Can anybody see where it get stucked?

Thank you


  • Nissim
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    Did you send a PM or e-mail? I can't locate the message, I apologize if I haven't replied.

    I'm sending you a PM with further details.
  • lancoma
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    I've resend PM, hope you'll get it :).